Happiness: The True Measure of a Successful Society

What "makes" happiness? Should governments be responsible for the happiness of their citizens? How are health and happiness related? And what does it take to design healthcare systems that make people happy? Watch this Talk at Google, where Jeffrey Sachs, Meik Wiking and Catalina Cernica discuss with Andrew Rubin about happiness policies, access to healthcare, being nice to each other.

Health and Happiness Should Go Together

Happiness is a fundamental goal of human progress and a set of increasingly influential methodologies, as recommended by the United Nations and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). We exist to accelerate the adoption of happiness in the design and delivery of better healthcare.

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Happiness, Health & NCDs – Mind the Gap!

Our research was featured at an event organised by IFPA on the sidelines of the 71st World Health Assembly in May 2018 and reflected in this article on the Global Health Council website.

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Mental illness and loneliness in healthcare

"What happens when public imagination is proven to be dramatically misaligned with patient experience?" Michael Birkjær prioritises mental and social well-being

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Emphasising the Lack of Disease Awareness

"There are 1.3 million people in the UK living with psoriasis, but the vast majority (84%) feel there is a lack of public awareness around the condition." Huffington Post UK

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Women With Psoriasis Are Lonelier

"The first World Psoriasis Happiness report found that 40% of UK women with psoriasis felt isolated, in comparison to the significantly lower global average of 26%." Harper's Bazaar

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