About us

An independent foundation aiming to improve the way we design and deliver healthcare

The Health & Happiness Research Foundation aims to accelerate the adoption of happiness measures and frameworks in the design and delivery of better healthcare.

The Challenge: Current models to measure and deliver healthcare are broken

WHO defines health as a state of ‘complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity’. But data researchers, policy makers and healthcare professionals use almost exclusively health-related quality of life measures like the EQ-5D: clinically-driven methodologies that are narrow and biased towards physical aspects like mobility and pain; they include very few, if any, mental and social aspects like loneliness, stress, self-esteem, shame, optimism and dealing with social stigma.

The measures of what impact living with a disease has on people’s lives are biased towards physical aspects, largely ignoring mental health and social well-being. This in return is mirrored by a system for delivery of care that is fragmented, siloed, focused on managing disease and not improving the overall well-being of patients. Consequently, the way we design and deliver healthcare is biased and it creates massive wellbeing inequalities that affect all of us, but especially those who live with long-term conditions that have a long-lasting impact on mental wellbeing.

Our Solution: Health through the lens of patient happiness

The Health & Happiness Research Foundation was founded on the belief that happiness, as a fundamental goal of human progress and a set of increasingly important methodologies, should be a central part of how the healthcare system and healthcare policy makers support people living with long-term conditions.

By prioritising wellbeing, our public and private resources can be used on the treatments and interventions that really make a difference to the lives of patients and their carers, and we can build a complete eco-system of care that breaks down silos to deliver really patient-centric results.

The idea of the Health and Happiness Foundation was incubated in LEO Innovation Lab, a digital independent unit within LEO Pharma, between 2016 and 2018. The project was span-out into an independent foundation in June 2019. We are excited and energised by a future where our learnings in the space of happiness and skin conditions will be applied wider for the benefit of people living with long-term health conditions.

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