Board Members

Kristian Schrøder Hart-Hansen

Board Chairman

Kristian Schrøder Hart-Hansen is an experienced health economist, having worked in health economics, medical affairs and global marketing for the last 18 years. In 2015 he established LEO Innovation Lab, an independent digital innovation unit within LEO Pharma. As CEO of LEO Innovation Lab, his core interest is designing solutions for improving the lives of people living with long-term conditions. Kristian sits on the advisory board of the Disruption Taskforce under the Danish Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs and is a board member of the health-tech startup SkinVision.


Rane Willerslev

Board Member

Rane Willerslev is an esteemed professor in social anthropology. He received his PhD from Cambridge University in 2003, in 2010 he was made a full professor in Anthropology at Aarhus University and since 2017 he has been the director of the National Museum of Denmark. He is a prolific author having published several scientific monographs and anthologies as well as numerous articles in scientific journals. Furthermore, Willerslev is a prominent figure in the Danish public sphere, where he has argued for a holistic and humane understanding of crucial social issues such as health and education.


Jakob Mosegaard Larsen

Board Member & Legal Advisor

Jakob Mosegaard Larsen is an experienced legal advisor of biotech, medtech and life science companies, having been acting for a large number of companies and investors within the industry for more than 15 years. He is a Partner at Copenhagen based law firm, Mazanti-Andersen Korsø Jensen, working with innovative start-ups and the funding of digital solutions. Jakob is a member of the board of directors of a number of companies, including Nasdaq listed Forward Pharma, and chairman of the legal committee of the Danish Venture Capital and Private Equity Association.