Eczema Happiness Study

Living with eczema, a common skin condition that affects millions of people, has a serious impact on happiness and well-being. Eczema affects quality of life, with mental health, social functioning and emotional functioning seemingly more affected than physical functioning.

We ran a small survey in 2018 with input from 1,292 people living with eczema in the UK, the US and Canada. The key learnings coming out of this report are:

  • Living with eczema impacts levels of happiness, with happiness gaps of -14.5% in the US, -14.8% in the UK and - 17.5% in Canada. Living with eczema seemed to impact women more than men: the average happiness gap for women was -16% in comparison with -11% for men

  • 'Emotional life' was the aspect most affected by eczema, with 36% of respondents reporting a high impact. This was supported by other learnings in the report: more than a third said they have been self-conscious about their looks and 27% feel ashamed about their looks 'all the time

  • Stress plays a major role, with 85% of respondents citing it as a trigger for eczema. The next most important perceived trigger were soaps / specific chemicals, as indicated by 72% of respondents. However, few people said they have adopted habits to address stress; the largest majority of the respondents mentioned they only buy products free of chemicals as a means of manage eczema.

  • Loneliness affects a high number of people living with eczema: 55% in the US, 44% in Canada and 41% in the UK The Health and Happiness Foundation will actively seek partners and funding to be able to scale the Eczema Happiness Study and further explore the impact living with eczema has on well-being and happiness.


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